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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

These guys thought I didn't see them. 910am
Still a little upset over the snow loss. But getting over it. Nothing one can do about these things but move on. Looking at the 10 day: No snow. That puts us one week into Feb so this entire winter might be a bust. 4 weeks from now the sun is higher in the sky and on average the temps start to rise. Snow comes and melts the next day. Thoughts turn to bikes, dry woods and clear roads.

Speaking of... I have been on a bike once in the last 3 weeks. Its ether been below zero or warm and raining. Once again, I have the spin bike set up right behind me in the office for going on three weeks now and have not touched it. Im experiencing a bit of a weight gain with the lack of movement. And of course the lack of sunlite.

I find it extremely hard to ride a trainer. I know it will do worlds of good for me right now. But I just cant. To me its mentally painful. To the point that it ruins my day. Several years ago I was a spin instructor at a local gym but that was different. It was social. Spinning in a corner of my office is different. Its brutal.
With the warmer temps and sunshine called out this week I will get out. On the pug. And plan on riding the group ride Saturday. 
I will try to throw in one hour on the spin bike.
Wish me luck with that.


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