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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love this pic. Shows grass 20 yards from me and a ship one mile from me. I love contrasts in my pics.
Todays visit was short. If you run a business, today is tax day. Today is our equivalent to April 15th. You need to mail in all your forms with all the payments. Mostly all going to Cincinnati. So I always mail this stuff priority. Peace of mind. So I stood in line at the post office with all the other business owners instead of a bike ride.
I also found my camera and it didnt go thru the wash. Nice!

Saturday. OTB
So also attached today is the pic I took Saturday. Showing how the group looked to me all day. I had planned on a ride this morn but got side tracked with the tax stuff. Tomorrow for sure. However today would have been better due to the fact its noon and near 50 degrees.
With the ten day forecast in the upper 30's everyday I am officially ditching winter. On January 31st. I didn't wear a coat today. A million people are out and about this morn.
Last year we had worse weather in May. For real.
Ive come to the conclusion that whatever is up with this warm winter, is not going away so either you embrace it or walk around all bummed out for the lack of winter sports.
If ya cant beat'em then join'em. And that what Im going to do.
I'm officially ditching winter. 
And I think thats a dangerous statement.
Reverse physiology?
I'll never tell.



  1. Is it not odd that the shipping seasons is still going on? I guess someone benefits from a warm winter? I was in Kiel a couple of weeks ago for a basketball tournament and had a longer break between games so we got lunch in Sheboygan and went to the park just off downtown to look at the lake. It was ice and slush. I was hoping to see a ship but I thought perhaps the season was over with the docks frozen in. Your picture proved me wrong.

  2. Looks like they are moving farther out tho...... Got to remember its still January.... but hard to with it now over 50 degrees here.