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Monday, January 2, 2012

Back To Work.

Since Im the only one working the store these days Im trying to not get here too early since we first open at 11am. Getting here early means a long day until 7pm.
So I try to goof off a little more than usual in the morning.

While the store is slow.... Im now busy with the books of 2011.
Doing the accounting myself saves a ton of money but its way boring to do. I'll have about 30 hours of work to close 2011. Produce all the reports. Make changes for 2012.
I had some help today. Granddaughter is not only testing PI gloves and Bontrager helmet, but also reconciling last months checkbook.
And it all starts today. And its not like I dont have the time. Lack of snow has all the skiing still on hold. With no white stuff in the 10 day forecast. Bummer.
I guess that will make all the account stuff get done all the faster.
I better get to it. Can you tell how exited I am to get at it?


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