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Monday, January 2, 2012

915am Strange effect from phone camera. Its called "Vintage".
 Nice HP visit this morn. Huge ship on the lake and caught a brief glimpse of one of the eagles. Even tho it was a quarter mile away. Good way to start the day. 8 degrees this morn. I was alone.

Am thinking how lucky the Cross Nats are going to be in Madison.  Temps in the 30's all week. Maybe 40. Things could have been a lot worse and todays frigid temps are testament to that.

Like I mentioned prior. I dont have a new years resolution. But I am doing something different. Trying a different approach to weight loss and it may sound resolution-ish,but its not. I did wait till after the holidays to start tho.
Ive tried to lose weight many times but really, the attempts were weak at best. "Just eating less" does not cut it. Just keeping track of what I eat does not help me in the slightest. My problem is more mental than anything. I eat when Im stressed. I eat when Im depressed. I eat when Im angry. I eat when Im bored.

I need to learn to eat only when I need to. Which brings me to my poor eating on the bike. I dont eat before a ride. Im not stressed, depressed or angry. So I dont eat anything. Thats a recipe for disaster.Then, I blow up nuclear on the bike, get dropped, get depressed and stressed and go home and eat the rest of the day.

Ive been a big guy my entire life. So to weigh less is a huge difference that my body fights tooth and nail. I used to post a lot about my weight, even had a blog specifically for it. Its a life struggle that most cyclists do not have to mess with. Im not talking the "I gatta lose five pounds before nationals" deal. This is more like "I gatta lose 40 pounds to continue riding" stuff.
The group I ride with is almost all skinny. Several cat one's. Several who could be cat one's. Several retired cat one's.
Right behind my desk. Bring it on.
My problem has nothing to do with exorcise. Im probably the fittest fat guy you will ever meet. Heart rate levels and intensity are good. Its just I gatta carry a bigger load. I now have a spin bike 3 feet from my desk at the store. An hour a day.
So I hope for my sake this new approach works.
Bring it on.


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