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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost everyday sighting. 845am
Im feeling better. Last nite I ate for the first time since Sunday. And while I am not even close to 100 percent I can at least function. I cant believe I went to work Monday. I was so out of it I cant remember it. Yesterday was a wash too. Today, I got to take a HP tour so things at least felt back to normal. I still cant believe how sick I was Sunday nite.
I went to the store early today because I knew it was a mess. Bikes and ski's that came in just got thrown in a corner. Quite a mess this morn and Im going to get right on it.
I spent a majority of store time in my office with my head on the desk the last two days.
Back to work.
On the weather front, 4 out of the last 5 days have been over 40 degrees. Several closer to 50. The grass here is still green. Or worse, turning back to green. Alas, winter will return finally as 7 inches of snow is being called out tomorrow and Friday. And looking at the 10 day shows no temps above the freezing mark. Thats good news.

As I always say... bring it!
But this time I will say please......


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