QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Close you eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord." THE KILLERS

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Down and Out

Sunday I had a great Pug ride with Steve D and Brian W. All beach for two and a half hours. No sign of the eagle from the day before.
After I returned I just hit the couch and watched some football.
Apparently, I caught some kind of stomach virus as I then proceeded to puke every hour and a half for the next 12 hours. Im not sure if this is strange or not.... but I haven't puked in well over 20 years. For real.
I guess I just made up for time lost. That was all Sunday nite. Not being very smart I went to the store Monday. And was there by myself. I knew I was not going to make it all day and only closed an hour early, went home and collapsed in bed, not to get up until 10am today. 
Today I feel a little better, but still cannot eat. I always wanted to lose weight, right?
Another long day here in the store.
Will post when things get back to normal.