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Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Its crazy warm out. Sun blazing. Its amazing how cold the air can be and yet out in the sun it could be tshirt weather. Feels like that this morn at the HP.
Right now all the buzz is Cross Nationals in Madison this week. I can remember being amazed at the thought of a race in Madtown the first week of January. Crazy.
Right now, now so crazy. Today and tomorrow will be in the 40's for temps. With the ground freezing every nite will make it just about as close to Belgium as you can get in the States. Mud.

I pictured wearing a snomobile suit to spectate. But I will most likley be wearing shorts.
In a crazy, last ditch attemp to facilitate the arrival of winter I put the stud's on Pinky yesterday.      Maybe winter will take a hint and acually show its face.
Just looked at the 10 day forecast.
No snow.
Today I get some help here at the store at 3pm and will not hesitate to grab the Long Haul Trucker for about a 20 mile spin. Tomorrow, it will be Pug in the morn before the store opens.
Warm temps. Take advantage.


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  1. I was out today and very glad to have the studs here in the north part of the state. I think reality of winter will come soon enough.

    Thanks for the post!