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Sunday, January 8, 2012

He was not happy with me at this time....
Saturday's group ride was highlighted by this guy. 
We rolled out in the morning not even expecting to ride the beach as it was about 35 degrees at ride time. But as I mentioned before you cant predict the beach. Its got more to do with than just the air temp. Moisture in the sand plays a big part. Anyway, the beach was hard as a rock and we had no problem pelotoning at 15+ mph.
Until we came upon this dude.
Sat in a tree and waited for us to leave.

I got unbelievably close to him, not wanting to give up the good meal. Which was a fresh Northern Pike. Just a few moments sooner and we could have watched him pull it out of the lake.
This is the best sighting I have ever had in my HP (actually about 5 miles south of my HP).

Today I should be going to the Cross Nats just 100 or so miles away today and I just dont feel up to it. Im still a bit bummed or maybe the term is shaken up, about the Yellowstone thing. If there's one thing I learned in my life its that opportunity does not knock twice.
This event will consume me for for awhile.

Im getting ready for a Pug ride today. Just a few hours. The sun is out so that should cheer me up.


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