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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Its snowing again!

That means I'll be on the groomer in the morn. I have yet to strap a ski on myself but that will come most likely this weekend.
Also tomorrow comes the yearly thing in the retail world we call "inventory".
Yup, gatta count everything in the store. All part of year end reporting.
That sounds worse than it really is as we have a handheld scanner that costs a million dollars to walk around the store with. Modern technology. I have it.

Not sure what bike Im going to ride ongoing now that the roads are snow covered and salted. I think that takes out the Long Haul Trucker. Need to keep that one nice and will be turning it back into super tour mode. But with a new drive line. Im thinking Sram Apex. I would be going full 105 but I cant stand the 105 shifters. They are just too big for my small hands. I have them on Pinky now but will most likely be selling them off.
While Im glad to finally get snow I cant stop thinking that its going to switch into full riding mode in less than two months. In retail you think way ahead which makes it sometimes hard to enjoy the day when you have to work so far ahead..... 

I try to do so as little as possible.


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