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Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday.  (Jeff P foto)

Just not a weekend for the books.
I did have a nice pic for today's post, but I left my camera in my riding jacket pocket while running it thru the wash. Its dead. So I will thank Jeff P for lifting this foto of Saturday off of his Facebook.

Saturdays ride was fun but it was one of those rides that echoed a wake up call. I struggled. And the group was not that fast. In fact very tame. Yet I was OTB (off the back) for a majority of the time. They waited. But I was rudely reminder of how much weight I gained. And how out of bike shape I am. I have some work to do. This was only my second ride of January (outside).
The warmer temps should help me out here. Its really go time. Like now. Not next week.

Sunday hurt even worse. It was one of those days I did not get out of the house. Woke up at 7, went to bed at 10. Was outside less than 5 minutes all day.  My A.D.D. almost never lets me watch an entire movie on TV. I watched three. I was in more pain then than on the bike the day before (which I felt thru out my body). Just not a productive weekend. Grand kids came over so that helped.

So this weekend I was reminded on what happens if you ride less. Or not at all.
But still time to get on the right track. No where near the panic stage.
That will come sometime in March.


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