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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yelling At Myself.

 Today was just one of those nice drives to the HP. Saw the eagle. Took a pic. Drove to the store to hit up a bike ride.
 Today I had planed a ride. Its pretty warm out (near 40 later) and had the Long Haul Trucker ready to go. I picked the LHT over the Pug. I just wanted to lay down some road miles. Its been like forever since I did that. But on the way to the store from the park all motivation was lost. 
And then you end up arguing with yourself. More like yelling.
Whats is wrong with you? You have only one outside ride in like three weeks! Its warmer out. Sun coming out in a bit. And you ditch? Shame. Shame on you! I don't even know you anymore!

And then I feel bad for yelling at myself. I feel sorry for myself. Wait! Theres still time where I  could go... if I hurry, and get back to the store.  That time elapses and Im past the point of no return before the store opens. Huge guilt. How could you let that window of opportunity go? When will you get another chance to ride outside with temps above freezing (everyday the way this winter is going).

So, I punished myself. One hour on the spin bike. I did it for real. First time this winter. Its kinda like getting ready for an outside ride. You struggle with all the prep but once in the saddle you wonder what the struggle was all about. An hour on the spin bike was not as bad as I thought. Greenday blasting in my ears helped a ton. Loud. Very loud. Good music always helps when you ride the devil.

The devil.
I think I could do this again. 
And so spring training starts today.
Bring it on.


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