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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun is out. Beach visit was long. An eagle was seen. Beach was froze and smooth. Would be a good day to go for a ride on it. I guess we might get a few more beach rides in this year if it stays like this.
Cartoon mode is still in full swing.

But not all is good in DANOville.
I weighed myself last nite and was hoping to be pleasantly surprised with a few pounds off. Nope. Weight gain. Son of a.......... I am now a full 20 pounds more than last summer......
And with all this trainer riding and bike riding.

It seems all the riding in the world will not make up for my poor eating habits. And that's not the answer I was looking for. So the key for me is not physical, its mental. And that's the toughest of all. At least for me it is. 
I think I need to seek outside help.

On the weather front, I am seeing a lot of summer birds returning. Again, all indications pointing to early spring. I have hope. I pulled the Superfly out of the window. Its waiting for some Easton carbon wheels. The Madone remains hanging. That will not come down for another month. Weather depending. And that's the bike I look forward to riding with the Ultegra Di and all....
I'll get into my demo bikes later when its warmer out.....

Until then its going to be Pinky the cross bike.
Someday I'll post the story of that bike.
We go way back.

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