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Friday, February 3, 2012

This dude blocking the entrance to HP. 755am
Since I missed yesterdays visit I thought I would get to the HP a bit earlier this morn. No easy task as I attended our monthly bike club meeting last that included all the beer you could drink.
I dont drink a lot of beer. Almost none. But when I do it only takes two pints and I will have a bad morning the next day. I had three.
Ongoing, the temps remain above the norm with the next three days in the 40's for highs. Its almost old news at this point. The beach was still a little froze so we might get a few miles on it tomorrow morn. And it was glass smooth. What a contrast to last week. Look back a couple posts to see what the beach looked like just a week ago. This pic and that earlier pic was taken within a half mile of each other.

Today I got some cool news. My HP is actually Kohler-Andrae State park. And every year the park puts together a informative newspaper to hand out to visitors and campers. All state parks do. This year they picked two of my pics for page one and two. Getting the headline pic was cool.
I'll download it and post it as soon as I get it.

So with today being Friday. Working all day in the store.
But plan on a ton of riding this weekend. I gatta cut Saturdays group ride short to cover the store but Sunday look like it will be a longer cross bike ride.
Hope you get outside too.

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