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Monday, February 13, 2012

830am. Not a bad pic today.
A few weeks ago I mentioned how hard it was for me to spend any time on a trainer. Or spin bike. 
I'm happy to say I spent an hour on the spin bike in my office on Friday, Saturday and today.
Fear of not being able to ride the group rides. Fear of my spiraling weight gain.
Fear is a huge motivation tactic I must subconsciously use. Right now, today, and basically this time of year every year my weight just explodes. To the point of once again struggling on the group rides. Even the slow winter rides on the beach. Let alone the road bike rides in a few months.

I weighed myself Friday. I don't weigh myself everyday, maybe once a week. I am a full 10 pounds more than I was over the holidays. I am pretty close to the most I have ever weighed. And that was before I started riding bikes.  And I can feel it.
As you can imagine, a huge part of my life revolves around these group rides. I'm a bike store owner. I have a lot riding on my fitness level, but throw in some health issues (I'm not getting any younger) and its my weight that is the key to pretty much everything I do, want or feel. You would think since I have so much to gain with weight loss that it would be a no brainer. One would think.

As far as me deciding at what point to buckle down, its strange. Its like I almost need to hit rock bottom to get the point. Will power and motivation is low until I get to the point of no return. Dangerously close to that point. 
And that where I am today. So yes, I'm peddling something that's not moving. And as much as it hurts mentally, its needed for many reasons. 
Really, when I think about it, I have no choice.
And while winter has returned for a brief visit, I hear temps back in the 40's in a few days so my dungeon riding might be short lived.
Bring that on.


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