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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I pulled up to the store this morn, getting (or trying) into my trainer mindset, I noticed it was 36 degrees and going nowhere but up. The the hell was I thinking?
I get in such a grove with things that sometimes it takes a two by four across the face to wake me up.
So away with the trainer and game on with the pug.
A very nice hour and a half of my life.
Blasting the woods, being the first to be on them since the snow (besides a fox) was awesome. Then the beach was the preferred route on the way home.
A perfect pug ride.
Its been quite some time since I rode pug, maybe almost a month?
I think the pug is a very good training bike. You work just a little bit harder. Not a ton but a little. I would have to believe my heart rate was just up a bit than if I rode the cross bike.
And when it comes time for intervals I would have no problem maxing out. And most likely doing it going less than 20mph. You can get bang for your buck on a pug. In that respect anyway. As for fat bikes I have already put my order in for several for the store, and a Moonlander for me.
Like I always say, your all going to have one of these, its just a matter of when.

Have a super day.


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