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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Light Wheels

Just got my hands on these. Easton's 29er EC90 carbon. Rated at 1430 grams for the two. That's not a misprint. That kind of weight savings on a 29 inch wheel is huge. Rotating weight on 29er wheels is very high. Its a big wheel. Just look at the length of those spokes. Pulling weight off the rim and tire has way more effect of doing the same thing on a 26 inch MTB or even a road wheel.
Ive been a big fan of Easton wheels for years. I have a two sets of EC90 tubbies ( one road and one track) that are the fastest wheelset I have ever rode. NOTE: I have yet to ride Bontragers D3's. But hope to do so soon.

But I'm pumped to get my Superfly 100 all set up for the summer already. Its mentally tough to stare at these bikes all winter.  Hoping the trails will dry out early. If so, I'm ready. Will get some pics with the wheels on the bike. On top of the carbon, I mount light weight (tubed) tires tubeless with Stans. 
Makes for a very light wheelset. But comes with a ton of swearing to get them aired up. Cant wait to weight the thing.
Sub 23?

Had a longer than norm visit to the HP. Was going to go for a run but bailed due to low motivation. Once again looking at the death of the ski trail I just laid out Saturday. But, time heals all wounds and I'm not so sad to see it go. I'm so over this lack of winter.
Just had a crazy thought. 
Pack up and head over to Sea Otter to battle the west coast Clydesdales in April.
Now that would be off the hook.
And a long shot.


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