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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can't get over the "cartoon" thing on camera.
Its cold again here in Wisco. No snow and cold. The ski's are still out but at this point in the year I cant give them away. I will put them in the basement in a few weeks and give the store a makeover for spring.

Today's HP visit was cancelled due to a product rep coming into the store.

Product rep's are funny. Most of the time they work for an agency that supports many products. They bring in literally 5 suitcases of product and go thru it so fast you have no idea what you are looking at. Then they expect you to order based on what you just saw in the last 15 minutes. Not me. I blow off a lot of outside rep's.
Almost to the point of being rude. But that's business.
A product change is not a decision made in minutes. Weeks maybe.
But I like the guy coming in today.
He races cross so he's in. Plus he's the Easton guy and I like Easton.
So I will take it easy on him and give him some biz.

The Long Haul Trucker is back in the stand and getting built back into tour mode. Racks and such put back on.

I just ordered another Trucker. A disc Trucker this time. Im a bigger guy, plus throw on 50 pounds of gear and that's a big job to stop me. Disc brakes will be a plus.

Still going with the 26in tire too. Its a tough bike for a tough job.

I cant wait to build it. Im thinking full Apex for driveline. And I know the cross scientists are close to a good hydraulic brake and I hope to use that as soon as I can. But its going to be cable in the meantime.

Big plans this summer.
Bring it on. 


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