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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Today I had a short HP visit. But I noticed even a short visit is a good visit.
I had to get to the store early as today was visit number two for my accountant.
I fixed all the stuff he asked but he found more stuff. Back to the drawing board for me.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all going to be in the 40's for temps. I'm hoping for another 5 hour ride weekend on the bike and so far all indications point to yes. In fact, I will get out tomorrow morn before the store opens for sure. Most likely not a Pug ride but some road miles on the cross.

While there is no way I would technically "train", like with a scheduled plan, I do follow some basic principles like base, followed by intervals and then race. So really its base till the end of March.
And base for me is just longer rides really. I don't really do anything different than any other ride. Just try to do more and call it "base".

Base, for me, is very hard to maintain in group rides. I pretty much gatta lay it all out going up hill to stay in the group. If I wanted to stay in a lower HR zone it would be impossible for me to pretty much ride with anyone. So these rides I do alone like tomorrow morn I think are good for me. Once its warm, and I'm on the road bike, intervals will be conducted naturally. No need to plan for them.

Another issue I have is that all my saddle time is made up of a lot of shorter rides. I have less then two hours in my morning window to ride. Saturdays group ride gets me about 3, so that leaves me with Sunday to do the 4+ hour rides and those are the rides I need if I'm going to tour this summer.
With warmer weather and some help at the store my morning window gets bigger.
That can not come soon enough.
Have a good weekend.


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