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Thursday, February 23, 2012

File foto. I like this one. The stick was there before I got there...
I have a confession of sorts.
My weight gain really has me rattled. That's my reasoning behind confessing such a thing as this.
In that respect, Im grasping at straws. Not thinking straight. Doing strange things and thinking un pure thoughts. In a way, Ive done things I never would have or should have.

First off, I had a great spin on the trainer today. I didn't feel great but thats what made it great (if there is such a thing). The last two spins I had no problem holding between 145 and 160bpm the entire hour. Today I had to work like a dog to get 140. For whatever reason (most likely dehydration)I could not get  any heart rate. And thats good info to have.
I almost never wear a HRM on a bike (did I say almost?) I mean absolutely never. That will change.
Ive always said I need to bring my A game to hang in the local road group. I need to prep as if its a race. Eat right. Warm up right. If I miss, I'm out.
Having a bad heart rate day on the trainer is just info I can take forward to identify the making of a bad day on the out side bike. And while I will always maintain that I don't have a structured training plan other than ride my bike a lot, some training techniques I can bring down to my level to at least help me out a bit. So yes, I will start wearing my monitor on bike rides.

Back to what I was talking about at the beginning.

So, yeah, I really need to change something to get this weight loss going. In fact I think I need to change more than one thing. My eating habits of course is one.
And two.... Im almost afraid so say... Ive started running.
Not real long. Not real good. But getting some heart rate and using muscles I never use a lot. It hurts. And its kinda pathetic. Weird how I can ride 100 miles but cant run, even really slow, for more than 50 yards. But Ive been putting in time in the morning.

I'm not making a trend for me here. Its just filler. Needed filler to jump start the weight loss. And it hurts. Ive got bad joints to begin with. And right now I'm at the point to where either I keep going, and work thru the pain hoping it gets better, or ditching it. I think I have had 5 "sessions", and its always a run\walk scenario. But I get a good workout. And in short time. And I must say its way easier to do than an hour on the trainer. Way. Always on the beach.
What makes this weird is that I have always been against running. Overall its very hard on your body. If you do it a lot. My motto has always been run only if being chased. Even if I decide to continue it will always be in very small amounts. Very. 

So there. Those who know me can attest to how scared I am about my weight if I'm running.
Or at least attempting to.


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