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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Huge surge. 825am
21 pounds 6 oz. Easton wheels rock!
Huge east winds have the lake pushing up at least 30 yards from the high water line. The beach usually starts where that first wave is rolling. In fact as I was standing there a wave came in and made me move ever higher on the beach. While northern wisco is getting nailed with a ton of snow, we have just rain and thats ohkay by me. I notices the road were a lot cleaner having been washed all nite long.

The Superfly is ready. I was hoping for sub 23 pounds when attaching the Easton wheels but was pleasantly surprised at sub 22. 
Just looking at that thing makes we want to get out in the woods. Cant come soon enuf as far as I'm concerned. I'm planning (in my head) a big year on the MTB. Would like to spend a lot more time on it than is summers past.

Its Wednesday and I have done nothing in the way of training.  I hope to maybe get on the spin bike this afternoon as I have help coming in to relive me. Again long shot.
I'm shooting for every other day either on the bike or trainer or run.
I say good luck to me on that.


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