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Monday, February 6, 2012

Its Mental.....

file foto. I lost my camera again. But it looked like this.  
Sometimes, during the winter I'll struggle with what I will mildly call "cabin fever". Its always the toughest in February. Like right now. As I mentioned a few posts ago I have reasons why I enjoy bike riding(as opposed to the trainer). But there is another reason bike riding is for me.

Its a hugely social sport. And even tho I enjoy talking to people one on one I struggle a little bit with crowds. A crowded house party, wedding or event of that nature. I can tolerate that stuff at best. But those who know me most likely have seen me go into a bit of a shell at these functions.
But for some reason I cant explain, you throw in bikes and that all go's away. The "cabin fever" disappears. Its weird.
This weekend I had a good time on the bike with almost 5 hours of saddle time. And that just changed my entire mental well being ongoing. Add the bright sunshine this morn in the HP and I just feel better, overall. I feel as if I have been medicated with some type of anti depressant.

Pinky in spring training mode. Kenda small blocks. 1X10
There is no doubt in my mind I could be taking some sort of medication. But the bike is my medication and maybe explains my sub conscious infatuation with cycling. Maybe its my brain's way of asking for medication. No doubt I feel better after a ride. Any ride. And my brain knows that.And that might explain why I feel so bad blowing off a ride.

I don't know this stuff ongoing. At least I'm not conscious of it. I don't wake up in the morning, telling myself I need to ride due to whatever. I do know that there are days I wake up really want to ride. No matter the weather or temp. But I don't always do it. And I feel it later. Not surprisingly, the trainer or spin bike does not have the same effect and maybe even the opposite. 
So as much as I complained about the mild winter for skiing, deep down inside I kinda like it.

Ive got the studded tire off Pinky and she is the bike of choice right now for riding. The Long Haul Trucker is off the plate right now as I'm putting it back into summer touring mode. I have big touring plans this summer. But then again, any plan I concocted in my head is big, then gets widdled down from there.

So its going to be over 40 degrees again today and I gatta ride.
Doctors orders.....


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