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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Say No To Trainers

Was never good at self portraits.
Finally a bike ride. Missing out yesterday had me a little crabby but with the forecast in the upper 30's for like, forever, has me in a positive mood.
I always said the first 50 degree day starts up the bike sales and that is true.
But who would have thought that day would be January 31st. During this time of year I should be selling my discounted CC ski stuff. I cant give it away. However sold three high end bikes in the last 24 hours. Crazy.
Back to my ride. A nice 90 minute ride. Heart rate up a few times. Kept a good average speed. Nice ride.
The Long Haul Trucker is the way to go right now. 26in wheels with 2.0 small block tires make it a real cruiser. The larger volume tires and steel frame soak up the cracks in the road. What a contrast to last Saturday when it was aluminum cross bike with 80 pounds of air.

Im laying out my spring program right now and these temps just make it so easy to do. As usual, I start setting my riding goals way too high thinking 10 hours a week outside. But then I remember its the first of February. So its 5 hours outside per week. Easy peasy. Will see how the weather turns out around the middle of the month to add.
Spin bike?
No way I can put that kind of time on that thing. I will keep it around a while to augment my ride time. But I wont hold my breath. I was thinking why is the spin bike\trainer scenario so hard for me? How can some people put two hours on those things and I cant get more than 30 min before I start to cry. Its mentally painful for me to do.

I think its got a lot to do with my A.D.D. One of the reasons I like to ride instead of say, run or walk is that the scenery is changing fast. Always something new to look at. You cover ground faster, see more faster and that keeps my brain busy. Same thing is why I love to drive. Cars, trucks, motor homes, anything. I can drive for hours on end and love it cuz the landscape is a constant change. And in both riding and driving, my brain is preoccupied with the task on hand. Its always working both subconscious and conscious.

Now, sit me on a bike that does not move. You might as well hit me with a 2X4.
It hurts me that bad.
Spin class instructor?
Sure, easier for me. Always thinking, watching others and contemplating the next move. Its way more social. Its easier. 
So, again, its time to get out and ride back to summertime fitness and weight.
And for me thats happening out of doors.
Like God intended.


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