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Monday, February 27, 2012

Last groom of the year. Saturday.
So with the snow on Friday I ditched the Saturday ride to grab the ski's. Its just nuts that its only the second time in ski's this winter for me. who would of thunk. I did not plan on grooming. Just figured someone would bust a trail for all to ski on. And someone did so off into the woods I went. After a couple miles in I realized that the four inches of snow ( the biggest snowfall to date this winter) had the trails in the best shape of the year (not saying much).  So I decided to grab the groomer and go.

I kinda knew that the tracks could be short lived but at the time the forecast was for a chance of a little more snow by the middle of the week so I took the chance.
The trails were good for exactly one day. 
Again, the high sun as melted most of it away as I checked it out on this mornings HP visit.  And I think that is going to be the end of my grooming for 2011\2012 winter. I groomed only twice this winter both times melting away the next day. So as Im sure it will snow again this spring, I will resist the urge to groom.

So with the warmer temps on Sunday four of us headed out of the store for a couple of hours in the saddle. Huge winds had many riders bail (shame). The winds were an "inconvenience" only half the ride. A huge headwind is only half bad as at some point you "flippit" and head back.

After a nice lunch at the halfway point we came back to 40mph tail winds. There was a point we all held 32mph+ for almost five minutes. Fun stuff. The sun came out and it was a very comfortable ride temp wise. So even tho the winds were off the hook, it sure beat the trainer or sitting on the couch.

Looks like mid week its going to be 45+ and rain now. We need that to wash off the roads so I can get the Madone out in March. All indicators are still pointing to a early spring.
Fingers crossed.



  1. About your quote. Mae West,"Too much of a good thing is just about right." :)