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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The main attraction back then.
Just spent another hour on the spin bike because.....
1423   5:16:51.27   523   DITTRICH, DAN L    7.802 MPH 258   1587

1394   4:22:23.62   543   DITTRICH, DAN L    9.421 MPH 263 1542

Another tool for motivation is set a goal or a reason to have a goal. I just did that the other day.
Above is my only two Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 results. Why do I show this?
First off, they are incredibly bad. 5 hours 16 min to start. Followed by a stellar 4 hours 22min. This was at the start of my bike riding career. The first year (2001) I think I hurt so bad at the end I vowed never to do it again. Until the next year anyway.
Then, in 2002 I took almost a hour off my time. Not many people can say that.

Then... I mailed my money in for 2003, 2004 and 2005. All denied. I lost interest.
There's a lot going on in September anyway. The race falls on the same date as a century in my hometown I do every year. Why do I even mention this?
Cuz I just mailed in my entry form for 2012. Game on (pending approval).

Almost every summer I get my fill of MTB racing with WORS. A couple day trips and I'm good. Mostly an hour or so drive. But this year I want to do more of these, what I call, weekend classics.
I remember driving up to Cable, WI in my motorhome those two years. It was a blast. The motorhome is long gone but I hear Telemark is up and running. Just makes sense to stay there. Besides the pain lasting for several days later what I do remember is a lot of fun. My goal is to take yet another hour off my time. I'm 10 years older so its not as easy as it sounds. And just adds to the motivational factor. Maybe not so much today but in a few months....

The motorhome was a meeting place of sorts parked in the back of Telemark's parking lot. People just seem to come and go.
Not knowing a lot of them as I was just starting out in this crazy sport. Even back then I estimated around 50k's worth of bikes laying around the M-home one nite.
Some very fast riders who I had no clue as to who they were at the time.
Anyway, its game on as soon as I win the registration lottery and get in.
I'm not holding my breath.
I'm terrible at gambling.


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