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Friday, February 24, 2012


Winter has arrived. To late as far as Im concerned.  But I was pumped to get some new views in the HP. Took the pics when it was still snowing pretty good. The sun is out now and its really pretty in the park.  About 4 inches fell overnite. More than the weather dudes said. Unreal how bad wrong they have been lately. 3 to 6 was nothing, dusting to 1 inch turns out to be 4. I was going to run today but passed on that.
905am That ball is the sun.

So I took a good look at the ski trails and decided even tho it is skiable, not to groom. Its going to be 40+ on Sunday and no way could I set classic tracks that would not go right to the ground. I'll check it again this aft but pretty sure Im going to pass....
Hopefully someone will make a pass and tracks will be set "manually". I might try to get out on ski's tomorrow.

The beach has been almost perfect for riding the last week. Every morning froze and smooth as glass. Roads were dry and clean. That is now gone.

Still deciding on riding in the morn. Depends how wet the roads are I guess. Riding the beach with 4 inches of heavy snow would not be a picnic on a cross bike with small block tires either.  And Im not switching back to winter mode for one ride. So I guess I'll see whats up later today.
Again, would not mind a few trips around the HP on ski's.

I was a little upset with the snow. Just makes things crappy to ride. But its hard to remember its only the end of February. This is going to happen for at least a month yet. Hope not. Was talking a day or so ago on how early the MTB trails are going to dry out. A full month ahead of last year for sure.
But its days like this that set it back.
I heard the robins are back. Other spring birds as well.
They are just as confused with this weather as I am.


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