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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Touring Tech

So this morn I was hanging out at the HP and just killin' some time messin' with my phone and found this "cartoon" mode in my camera. How cool. Its crazy what these devices can do. And what else can this thing do that I don't even know about? Most likely I will never know all the functions of this thing. So Im thinking....

How great are these smart phones for bike touring. Amazing. I remember my 18 day tour in 2008 and how cool I thought I was lugging my laptop around. Pulling up maps and such. No GPS then. Today my phone does more than my laptop did just 3 or 4 years ago. 
Thinking about it, the smart phone is most likely a necessity on a bike tour. If asked if I could only take one thing besides a change of clothes it would for sure be the phone. It tells you where you've been and where your doing and how to get there. Documents you ride with foto's and even lets you call your mom. There are applications that let other people track you. Its really endless.

Last August when I did a short four day ride I used Google maps on the phone to find a campground. Why, here's one just 4.7 miles away, would you like to call? Here's the website. Want to make reservation? Why, yes phone..... yes I would.
2008 Pink razor on top of laptop case.
Back in 2008 I had a Motorola Razor and thought that was cool. It was pink.
But remember having to plan my nites stay already a 2pm, looking and reading road signs to get mileages to the next town. If it ran too late in the day I had to grab a hotel, not liking to spend the extra cash. I remember pulling over, hauling out my 3 pound laptop, waiting for it to boot up, and looking at maps. The phone not only tells you where your going but where you are right now. Touring with a smart phone will let you be able to ride farther everyday with better knowledge of whats ahead. This technology was not mainstream just a couple years ago.

So this summer as Im planning my touring seminars and rides, the smart phone, and how to use it will be a important part of the curriculum. But first I need to learn it myself....


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