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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday morn.

Saturday had us on what could be the last beach ride of the winter mode rides. While there is a chance we could ride it again it would have to be pretty cold to do so. The beach does freeze at nite but with the sun getting so high during the day it softens up the sand pretty quickly regardless of temp. We hit the beach around 9am or so but it went away pretty quick and I was off it 30 minutes later.

It was a good ride with only 11 or so bikes cuz some guys opted to go to Milwaukee and ride at Rays (?)  I have never been to Rays. And that might sound strange but I just don't feel it. Even if its owned by Trek. And especially now with the temps breaking into the "extremely tolerable" mid 40's on a daily basis. I could see making the hour drive some day when its like below zero outside, just never had the chance. So Saturday had us out almost 3 hours with a good mix of beach, road and woods. Perfect. Then....
I still had a few hours to go to hit my 5 hours for the weekend so I called a ride out at noon Sunday. The sun was out and again high in the sky to warm us up. Temps are not that warm, but the high sun warms us up now. Starting rides at noon helps warm things up too.
4 of us rode out of the store at high noon and put in a good 2+ hours. After the ride I was wiped out and after looking at Mr Garmin understandably so... almost a 17 mph average for 30 miles on a cross bike. No real intervals but just a steady effort. I like that. Nice ride. 5+ hours in the saddle this weekend. And I will consider this weekend a success.
We are going to have a good string of riding days coming up here. Everyday in the 40's with Thursday predicting 48. Some rain too but I think I can work around that.
All indications are pointing to a early spring.
I say bring it for real.



  1. Do you ever find that in the midst of winter you don't want it to end? Up here in AK, the riding has been pretty awesome most of the time, followed by really cruddy after we get Chinook winds coming down and softening everything up. It is at times like that when I wish for -10 weather again. The shoulder seasons are the worst

  2. I do get that feeling. However, we never had winter here. It was pretty much a bust.
    So.... really want to move on at this point......