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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

814am. windy. loud.

Today's HP visit was a loud one. Huge east wind had big waves. Its would have been hard to hold a conversation on the beach today.
Today I did some investigation.
In the last few weeks I have been noticing fox holes everywhere. New ones. Lots of them. In the past you would see one now and then but today I counted 15 new ones. And that's just the ones I could see from the road. You would think it would be at least twice that then.

newer one

older one

Its not hard to imagine a fox or two out here, but these things are now to the point that you cant not notice. Maybe another animal doing this? The one on the right could have been done last nite. The sand is fresh. And its about 5 feet from the road.
I guess I'll have to believe that 50 fox's have stopped to hang out in my HP. I would not blame them. I would do the same.
With the windy\blustery day I will skip a ride and try to work ahead in the store to promote future rides. Maybe tomorrow. Its Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride nite.
We'll see about that.


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