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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I guess you can say things are starting to get serious. Yesterday I grabbed the Madone as promised and proceeded to lay down a 4 plus hour ride. Over 2 and a half hours into the wind and about an hour and a half back. It was windy.

So windy the iPod was useless. Except on the way back. 
And...in fact... I headed west to hit a few hills and that is so unlike me. 
So add up the longest ride to date in 2012 and sprinkle in the most climbing in a long time and that adds up to one destroyed rider.
By all rights I should have been reaching for the ibuprofen but for some reason I didn't.
I still feel it this morn but not as bad as I thought.

At least not bad enuf to keep me off the Superfly.

I'm going to grab the Fly today and head into the woods for its  first ride of the year. I did ride this bike a couple times last fall. But this will be the first on the carbon Easton wheels. Its going to be a recovery ride situation for sure. No big efforts but just a lovely hour spin in the woods to get reacquainted to my MTB.
I remember last spring and how terrible it was. I remember not being able to hit the woods and having to ride my MTB around the block a few times just to get some time on it on the Saturday before the first WORS race in early May. 
I still cant believe its only March.


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