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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It feels good to have a bike back on the roof. This mornings HP visit was a bit short as I had to get to the store early. Yesterday was a crazy banner day on the the sales floor. Close to 10 bikes out the door and a nice Madone on order. I ditched the store during the may lay to hit up the WNWSR but left the store in good hands.
However the floor needs a little straighting up after a run like we had yesterday so early to work I go. I'll be here almost 12 hours today and I don't mind for this reason.
Yesterdays WNWSR went well for me as it was for sure an easy one by standards. It was just crazy how only 7 bikes showed. At 70 degrees I was expecting 20.
So off we went heading into a wind than seems to grow just as we left town. One thing I notice as I get older I take much longer to warm up. The kids just jump on their bikes and crank it up to 20+mph. And still seem to be able to talk. I always struggle with this scenario and as I mentioned, some time on a trainer warming up would do me good. I think I will start 20 min early and take a short loop around to maybe get the legs up and running before the next ride starts and see if that helps. 

Anyway, it was just a matter of time before I got spit off the back in a stiff headwind. Soon I was 50 yards off the back. I looked at my garmin. Its was only 13 minutes into the ride. Are you kidding me? I was not even warmed up and I'm done....
One of the riders saw me and came back to get me(thx John H.) Once he pulled me back in the group I hide out in the back for another 20 minutes or so until my legs felt better and I was good to go the rest of the hour and 45 min ride. 

I still suffered on the hills but the guys took it easy as I could stay in contact. They were, however, again amazed at my heart rate. Several times I called out 175 when they were calling out 135. Again, due to the extra work I have to do.
I rolled in with a 16.2 MPH and a 155HR average. And these rides will only get faster.
I realize I will always be working harder then them and hope to take a few pounds off soon. Rides like this can only be doing me good. Its only March.
Just keep telling myself its only March.


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