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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today as I had my coffee in the HP I felt thoughts of hope. The warm 48 degree breeze in my face just made me feel a little bit better.
That this nightmare of a winter for the store is coming to a close. Bike biz is blowing in with the strong south wind. Maybe close to 60 degrees today.
But better than that its looking like 40's for a long time after. And that should not be so much a surprise as its been in the 40's pretty much all winter.

I have one of the spring bike shipments in store and being built as we type.
With another on the way in two weeks. People stopping in and bike shopping. All ski stuff will be in the basement before we close today. And there's a lot of that stuff left. Like all of it.

At least my ski pre order will be pretty small next winter.

Today will be a ride for me at 2pm. I have help coming in to allow me some time on the bike. The last time I was on a bike was February 25th. Hope to get that going again. I was having a couple of good week in mid Feb. and hope to pick up where I left off.

Will be on the cross bike. Too muddy for the Pug.
Hope for two easy hours....


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