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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Electronic (Iron) Maiden Voyage

925am In the HP

So I did it. I tuned up the Madone and put 17 miles on it this morn. This was my first ride on electronic Ultegra or electronic of any kind for that matter. First impression?
O.M.G. You could not slap the smile off my face.
I left the shop in the small ring and just cruised thru the city. I didn't even shift. I have about 5 blocks of traffic before I can relax a bit on the bike so I didn't shift for that time frame. Its still a bit weird for me to hop on a 9k bike and ride it for the first time. Im always kinda nervous for some reason. I did measure it up for me but I always make a few seat of my pants adjustments and concentrate on what those are right off the bat.
One minute after the first pic was taken. Easton wheels rock.
As I expected, I was real close so no stopping needed. Just need to shim the stem a little lower on the steer tube and I wasn't going to do that till I got back to the store.
I hit the wide open spaces of southern DANOville and my cadence is up so its time to shift.
My first real life electronic shift. Im giddy as a school girl.
So I shift. Right hand shift on the cassette and my cadence speeds up instead of slowing.
I hit the wrong button.

After I figured out the button situation I shift to the proper gear. I know I shifted cuz my cadence slowed. But I didn't hear it. Or even feel it move to the new gear ratio. Its that quiet and that fast. Holy crap.
The young boy in me wanted to grab this new toy and just start shifting up and down and back and forth just because I can but I don't. I only shift when I needed to.
And really. Was amazed.
Now, I know this tech as been here for years and I did shift one on a trainer at Interbike a few years ago but its just so different doing in the real world. On your own bike.
Sure, I own a bike store. I could have DA Di if I wanted too. I did not want to. Way too expensive. I'm sure that stopped many. But now, Ultegra Di is reasonably priced and if you ride your road bike a lot, as most of us do, there is no reason not to do this electric stuff.
Sooner or later you all will have this.
Im not going to bore you with all the tech stuff. We all have read a million reviews on this.
How much do I like it?
I can safely say Im never going back to mechanical. And that just after 17 miles. Its that good.
What do I like the best? Sure it shifts quick and silent but I really like the automatic front derailleur trim as you work your way up and down the cassette. Last year I had Sram Red and I liked it. But the front derailleur was terrible for trim. Now I don't even think about it. Trim? 
Not sure what Shimano has in store for the future. 105 Di ? Maybe even more price friendly?
Everyone is now waiting for XTR Di. MTB electronics are not far away.
And as soon as a normally obsessed cyclist can afford it I will have it.
And not before.
The weather here is crazy warm. Almost 30 degrees over norm. Any bike store who leans on winter sports to get by needs this. I'm not sure who to thank, but... thanks.
Tomorrow I plan on a morning and afternoon ride. Both on the Madone.
Yes, after 17 miles I am spoiled.




  1. Sounds Fabulous! I want your bike when your done with it!!! It is the sweetest! :-)