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Monday, March 5, 2012

I went to bed Friday not knowing what I was going to be doing Saturday morn due to the snow. There was a shot at riding, and I dismissed that quickly with the roads being all slushy. I dislike riding in slush. Cold and wet.

My next thought was to get out the ski's. And that's what I did. Kinda. I was convinced I was not going to groom due to the impending 50 degree weather in a few days but when I got to the park and saw how cool the woods looked I changed my mind and groomed anyway.

The snow trees were nothing less than spectacular. I took 50 pics and could have taken 100 more. But didn't cuz I have 100's like these in my library already.

Grooming in my PI tennys.....
I didn't get to ski then. Ran out of time. But was happy that a trail was set for at least 3 days. Sunday morn I did grab the ski's and headed to the park for two nice laps. Even more snow fell during the nite. Fluffy lake snow just added to the snow trees. Another 3 to 4 inches.
Once again just stunned by the beauty of the woods. Deep down I really don't want this anymore as it just postpones the bike season but this I can take.
If its going to snow too late it might as well be like this. Might as well be able to enjoy it.
But really, where the hell was this two months ago.
Don't get me started.
This morn I had the ski's along to throw down one more quick lap before the 50 degree weather comes tomorrow but temps in the single digits (8) had me not. Strange how its supposed to be 40 degrees warmer tomorrow.
But the HP visit was good. Saw an eagle. Took some pics and now its back to work.

Happy Monday.


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