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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Impending 2.0

Snowy Dunes. 855am
Last week I spoke of impending snow. Today I speak of its impending death. Following up the over 8 inches that has fallen since Friday, is temps in the 50's for today and tomorrow, followed by 40's after. 
I say bring it on.
Yesterday I said it was nice to get the snow. Let me clarify. If we were to get snow, it was nice snow to get. Now go away.

Ski tracks in sand.
So the big melt down is under way just making the trails and such a bit longer to ride. And I really, really want to ride that Superfly really, really bad.

And the Madone too. I most likely will get that electric shifting rocket out sooner than later as I don't have a (new) cross bike. Still have ol' Pinky tho. 
So Im good for awhile.
But why ride aluminum when you have carbon hanging in the window?

More news. I have the date for the second annual Sheboygan Bicycle Company Classic cross race. Its going to be the first WCA race of the season on Sept 8th. I know. Every year earlier and earlier.

My riding has been non existent but that's going to change with the warmer temps in the morn. Its tough to ride early morn when its 25 degrees when its going to hit 40 later. Mentally brutal.

So bring on the spring. Or even a hint of it. Next Saturday is daylites savings. That is a step in the right direction.
Bring that on also.



  1. I am right with you on the spring and...Bring on the day light savings time!!!