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Friday, March 2, 2012


Waiting. For the unwanted snow to arrive. Today's HP visit was a serene, calm before the storm kinda thing.

 Theres an old saying that says something about farmers are the worst to complain about the weather. I was raised a farmer so I fall into the category. I bitch on and on about lack of snow, now bitch about the impending snow storm. But really, where was this crap two months ago. Tonight we are going to get at minimum, 8 inches of wet sloppy snow, followed up by two days of over 50 degrees. It really is too late. I know it will snow a bit now and then, its only the beginning of March, but 8 inches? Now?
Go away.

With the higher temps I will not groom. Both times I did groom the trails this winter it was melted 30 hours later.

And the both times it did snow enough to groom, was a Friday so the Saturday group ride was ditched. Tomorrow will be the same. Wet sloppy roads will have me working instead of riding. Boo.  And right now, I need to ride as much as I can. Maybe by Sunday the roads will be dry.

With the impending warmer weather I pulled the trigger on my spring bike shipment yesterday. 30 bikes should be here by Monday but Treks shipping is second to none and next day is not out of the question. I'll make sure the back hall is clear just in case today.

Yesterday was the first day I missed a post in a long time. Several reasons but the main one was trying to get into Iceman. They do not use a lottery but just open up a mass online registration, with a limit on riders. That's an Internet operation that's doomed to fail. And it did. So I was spending my morning trying to register, bitching about it on facebook, and run the store at the same time. But after the dust settled on that fiasco I am in the race, for the first time. Am looking forward to it.

This has been a terrible week for exorcise. No riding, running or walking. Nothing.
I need to change that. Quick. Like now.
Just no motivation. Its been a long time since the sun was out. Lack of sunlite takes the wind out of my sails. Hope things turn better in the regards. Looks like not for awhile tho...
So I just lay low and wait.


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