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Friday, March 16, 2012

It Continues. WI Weather Apocalypse.

HP visit was awesome today. Huge sun. Quiet beach. Good times. Why the pic of the dirty snow pile? Every year I believe this is the last remaining snow pile in the entire county.  Its plowed up against a small hilly sand thingie and never gets sun. The sand keeps it cool. Then throw in the tree cover and its very protected.
So I always keep an eye on it to see how long it lasts. Even 70 degree temps only put a small dent in it. Just another stupid thing I do in the HP.
 That and think about things. Today I thought about this crazy warm weather. And what it all means....

A term I hear a lot lately about the weather is that "we are going to pay" for it. "Just wait for that April snow storm". People are almost scared. Like something bad is going to happen. I see people coming in the store with a crazy look in their eyes. "What does this mean? Why is this happening?" they ask. Let me remind you....
This is not the warmest winter on record...
This is not the driest winter on record.....

So calm down. This has all happened before. What was bad for skiing has turned into good for riding. So just do it. And stop looking over your shoulder for the end of the world. That's first in December. Quite a ways off yet.
Being in the weather driven business Im in I always look at forecasts. It helps with deciding inventory levels.
10 day looks like all over 60 degrees....
This morn the National Weather Service released the 90 day:  Above average temps to continue. Below average precipitation to continue.
That's means its going to be an awesome bike riding spring and one that's needed.
Pay for this? We pre paid last spring, remember?
We have been carrying this balance on our account way to long and its about time we cash in. So cash it and stop worrying about the crazy temps and get out side!

Do it for real.


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