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Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Just Me

As once again I get to the store too early my thoughts head toward spring as usual. Its cold but the sun is out. But its not just me thinking this.....

Yesterday I was thinking out loud about getting my Madone out of the window and sized (I have yet to sit on it) cuz the road season may  be here sooner than later. Last year I did not get on my summer bike till late April. I see a lot of high end bikes riding around right now.
But last nite it snowed just a trace. And the city dumped a coating of salt everywhere.
Twice we have had sufficient rain to wash off the streets but I guess just too early to think about salt free roads. But is it too early really?

I have not seen a robin yet, but have been told they are back. As my HP visit today confirms the return of cranes to the park ( I watched them for a while) it seems that nature, too, is as confused as us cyclists. 

I hear story's of plants budding well more than a month ahead of schedule.
I have seen many spring birds about.

A couple of days ago I saw this guy hop across my patio. How strange to see on the first week of March. There was still piles of snow around.

It looked as confused as me and the cranes and the plants.

Everyone thinks spring is not far away.

And I'm not going to disagree with them.
Because most likely they are all smarter than I am.
Have a good weekend.


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