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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday: 65 degrees
Today its crappy, foggy and raining. And I could not be happier bout that. Yesterday about 8 of us rolled out at noon. Yeah, I know it was a bit late in the day for some but was worth the wait as the temps hit 65 at some point during the ride. 

I rode in complete summer kit. I did bring armwarmers but rolled them down immediately. I even got a sunburn!

We did have to roll west to get away from the lake but that's a small price to pay for 60 plus degrees in March. As far as the weather, its been raining on and off all nite and it seems the roads are getting pretty clean. Salt washing away. 

I had the cross bike and suffered a bit as most brought out the carbon. I was thinking its just way to early to do ride the electronic Madone but now Im thinking maybe I should get it out of the window and sized up for me. Maybe it really is time. Maybe its not bout the weather but more about getting my ass kicked on these road rides. I was very sore. Advil sore.

With the streets now getting a washing and the temps maybe near 70 on Wednesday (what??) I will spend some time on the road machine and get it ride ready. Just in case. I just keep thinking that as soon as I get the thing out it will snow. I thought about just putting road tires on the cross bike but right now Pinky is the only cross bike I have so that's out. So Madone it is. Soon to be first time on Di Ultegra. Or Di of any kind for that matter.

So on the trainer the expensive bike will go. Tuned and measured.
Ready for action.


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