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Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I woke with sore legs  and sunburn and I could not be happier. The almost 6 hours in the saddle this weekend just reminded me of how far away I am from where I want to be in terms of bike riding. 
Saturday I hit up the breakfast ride as usual. Its morphed to road bikes now. I know going in that I will struggle to keep up on the hills. I set myself up for failure so that I'm not too upset when it happens. But it was a pretty good ride all in all. I rode from the store and that's about 6 miles to the lot where we start. So really, I have a bit of a bonus on the guys driving out to the lot.
And I knew that with the extra 12 miles tacked on to the entire ride that I would be hurting when done and accepted the inevitable. I was prepared to destroy myself.

Things were rolling normal. I would sit in, then get dropped on the climbs, then they would wait up. Repeat several times. And I was not that far back. Maybe 100 yards at most at times. But I was working hard even in the group and knew that if I did the entire ride I would have almost 65 miles in with a HR average of close to 160. I now religiously wear my monitor.
After talking to SteveD a little we both agreed it was best to cut a bit short. I'm pretty sure I could have hung in with the passive group that day but just thought it would be best to keep my ride around 50 miles. I knew I was going to be sore and wanted to ride Sunday too.
It was a good decision. We broke off and still made it back to town with almost 3 hours in the saddle. Nice ride.
Sunday I was going to call out a ride but decided not to. I was just a bit to tired from the prior day and just wanted to two hour "recovery" ride instead of another balls out group ride. And that was the best call as both SteveD and I got in another 2.5 hours with a much more comfortable pace. Another sunburn kinda ride. Gatta love it.

So today its off the bike as rain is coming in and tomorrow looks to be the warmest day of the week so I will ride in the morning for sure.
I'm feeling better with every ride and its all going according to plan. 
Now, I little weight loss would not hurt.....
Bring that on.


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