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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride (new beginnings)

Tonite starts the summer long WNWSR. This road ride has been going on longer than I have been riding. Its kinda a complement to our Saturday breakfast rides. Kinda the same route. But no stopping for food. Or anything for that matter.
This is not a ride for the average rider. Over the years there has been a Tuesday "recovery" ride for all the fast guys who raced over the weekend. That ride died out and now has morphed into the Wednesday social ride. Speed picking up over time. Just a little at a time but all of a sudden the WNWSR was a game on ride that I ussually missed out. 
I used to make all these rides but since my form took a crap its nearly impossible for me to do nowadays. I think I attended three last summer only to get dropped like a sack of moldly diapers each time as had to solo home.
So now its a new year and I'll try it again. Knowing full well that my weight is up and form is down. But its only March so I'll use this ride for so called training.
Really, I have to treat this "social ride" just like a race. I gatta eat right and warm up properly or I will never even get in the game.
I always tell everyone Im going to come early and warm up on a trainer. But I don't. Cuz that would be silly. But it would help me.
Intervels will come a plenty for me. I'll have to push hard to hang on as long as I can. I will amaze everybody at my heart rate. Most of the time the skinny guys dont belive me when I tell them my rate. But then again, they forget Im pushing 100 more pounds than they are up that damn hill.

Today will be more of a "training" WNWSR as its still March and more than likely snow once or twice, scaring away all the roadies and their carbon machines. Heck, I got mine all dirty yesterday so Im good to go.
So just like the pro guys, its a new year with new hopes and dreams.
At least until 5pm today...... then its back to reality.
Wish me luck.


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  1. No excuses Dano! We all have shit holding us back, but we all have to find a way to get past it. A few years ago you lost a bunch of weight and you were really fast. You can do it again if you try... bschwalls