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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fire Drills

yesterday at 2pm
It was game on yesterday. I planned some help to get to the store at 2pm, grab the cross bike and off I was with Dave A.
Felt weird to ride in just jersey and short (with armwarmers) but I liked it.
Its been since October since I did that.
We have a big riding group here, well over 20 bikes strong quite frequently. But on days like this the rides are like fire drills. Everyone grabs their bikes as soon as they can and rides. No time for organisation.

So, in time, we all see other, one by one, usually going the other way. Everyone at a different point in their rides. You just wave, say "see ya Saturday" and ride on.
I put in a good 30 miles with a rider much faster than me. I had to push and that was good.  I need 10 more rides like that to even consider the group rides.

Todays visit to my HP was all in all short. Being old I cant sleep long in the morn. I still go to bed when its dark and wake when its light. So I get up and since the store does not open till 11am (that will be bumped up soon) I try not to get here too early since Im here till 7pm alone. So I try to make my HP visits as long as I can. Or try to schedule my errands then also. 
But, most days, Im in store already by 9am. Doing this blog among other things.
So back to the HP visit. It was short and uneventful. While there I was thinking soon this visit will be done by bike and wondering when I would start that. After a short while I started to leave, ready to chalk this one visit as a dull one when several Sandhill Cranes flew over my car no more than 30 feet up. I could see the color of their eyes. And just like that the visit totally redeemed itself.
A boat load of cranes nest in the swampy area right next to the park and every year I await their return. And back they are. Im pumped!
Soon the eagles will leave to hunt inland more.
The cranes then fill their void.
I love this place.
Its my HP.


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