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Friday, April 6, 2012

815am Coffee, sun and beach!

Today I'm one year older and like most people my age do not want to make a big deal of it. Just another day I guess. I scheduled myself in the store from open to close today. No bike ride.
I did spend some time in the HP this morn and since I'm now 52 years old I spent a little more time there in thought. Nothing specific. Just thinking.
I was thinking how weird it is that I have this morning routine of having my coffee almost every morn on the same spot of beach (give or take 100 yards) and if I'm not able to for a few days how it now affects me.

I think everyone needs their own little "thing" and this is mine. And I like it. Soon the kids will be out of school, temps will be up and summer will have me sharing this place and time with others.  I don't really like it but understand. Besides, I have a little spot nobody knows about and use it only when I have to.

A got the Accent racked yesterday. I think it will work out well. As I mentioned, it had four tabs on the roof. Pull off those plastic tabs and it has provisions to hard mount a roof rack that Thule has a fit kit for. Very nice. I'm not sure if I would have put a roof rack on this car if it did not have that.

The two bikes are customers. I offer a pickup and delivery and do that in the morning before the store opens. Just another service nobody else offers here in town.

As much as I will try to have a normal day I know it will not be. I think how strange it is to have people I don't know wish me well on Facebook. While I do participate in the Facebook games, I really am not a fan. Its nice for a few reasons but along with those few nice things carries what I think is a overload of crap. Crap I don't need or want to know about. But I guess I will take the good with the bad in that respect.

So tomorrow I plan on the Saturday group ride. I hope to get in at least 3 hours on the Madone. 
Then to the store for work.
Sunday looks cooler and windy so that's a perfect time to MTB in the woods.
No guarantees but I promise to do my best.
Have a good weekend.