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Monday, April 9, 2012


Ever have one of those weekends that seem to last a month. Sitting in my HP today had me thinking how almost everyday in my life just runs into each other. And I don't like that much. Its been a long time since I  "did anything".
Even a couple of races a month does wonders for me. A long day riding some farther away trails would do it too. Sure I do get out a lot with my morning routines and bike rides but I need some diversity. And fast.
Saturday had me roll out with the group but flipped to get back to the store sooner than later. But it was almost 50 miles so its all good.
Sunday, after watching the Tom Boonen show I actually jumped on the Pugsly and met Steve D for an hour and a half of beach riding along Mr Michigan.  Saw two eagles. The beach was windless and warm. Sun was out. It was nice to mix it up a little and its been over a month since I rode the fat tires. The four mile road ride home was a bit of a bummer with huge head wind. I always say if you want to train, road ride a Pug. You will get a work out. Watts up, mph down.
In fact Im now riding enuf to lose weight. That's promising. Hope to keep that rolling.
That would be in my best interest.


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