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Monday, April 2, 2012

File foto taken at 715am om 1/1/2009

My computer is starting to act up. Several reboots per day. My thoughts turn to buying a new one and I just went and looked at all the stuff I have on this thing. A ton of pics. A boatload of music. If I lost them now it would be catastrophic so I'm backing all the pics up to Picasa. And I'm thinking of getting a external hard drive to load up also. Just want to mention that the pic above was not photo shopped in any way. The sun was that yellow.

The weekend did not have a lot of riding in it. I planned to ride before the store opened Saturday but I have lost most of my motivation to ride when the temps are in the 30's. So I bailed on that. I did get to salvage about two and a half hours yesterday on the Madone. I was cold.

One must now make a point to ride west, away from the lake. Its always about 10 degrees cooler along the shores and this is the only thing thats a bummer about living here. This cooler near the lake phenomenon should not be as bad as other springs as the lake is quite a bit warmer due to the warm temps this winter. But a cool wind off the lake is something we put up with here. It also flips the wind direction rule as we are forced to ride with the wind first, then fight the cold lake wind on the way home. We try to put in as much north\south as we can but sooner or later one must ride east, toward the lake to get home. No way around it.

I'll take this spring disadvantage the lake offers cuz its pretty awesome at least 10 out of 12 months. And those are not bad numbers.


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