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Monday, April 16, 2012

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The weekend came and gone without any real issues to talk about. Got 4 hours on the bike with two separate rides on Saturday but Sunday was a washout.
I do have a little to write about as I attached the Bonty D3 wheels to my Madone having sold them and wanting to ride them before they go. First impressions were very good as the first 50 miles went well. Hope to get more this week.
I brought the Superfly home Saturday but it never left the garage. A ton of rain fell on and off all day yesterday and Im sure the trails are soaked. I'll stay off them for a few days. The stores sale is still going on even tho the official Trek sale is over. I'll keep it rolling this entire week yet.
I was going thru all my pics of the HP. Hundreds. I always wanted to organize and tag them but never put the time in. Now I need to as Im getting a new computer and will be transferring them over to the new one. Along with my iTunes.
What a pain. But needed as my current unit is acting up and as the commercial says, I dont want to "lose everything".

When I have a weekend day like yesterday, with nothing to do I just feel like crap. In the morning I drove out to the HP twice. Then went to a movie. Saw the "Hunger Games". I now want to read the book. Good movie. I see only about two movies a year so I gatta make them count.
Thats all I have.


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