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Thursday, April 12, 2012

lunch time.

Had a great ride(s) yesterday. The trails are in mid summer form in April and thats never happened before as long as I can remember. And since the temps are a bit cooler than March the woods is the place to be. Put an hour and a half in our local trail system. Then had planned to grab the Madone for bit of a road ride but plans change and there I was back on the Pug for another beach\woods ride.
Thats the second time on the Pug in 4 days after quite a long time since.
Another hour and three quarter put me a bit over 3 hours and thats the minimum I was looking for.

I am going to be looking for more time on the MTB in the next couple of weeks. Not long before the summer long WORS series starts. And theres always Chequamegon to think about.
Speaking of....
Steve D found a cabin to rent in Hayward. Just out of town, by a lake. Its kinda small but I dont mind. The owner asked why I was there and told him for the bike race and if he knew of it. Not only did he know, he's one of the guys who drives a lead out 4 wheeler so I am hooked up. Might even decide to ditch Interbike and just head up there for a week instead.
Looking forward to September for sure.

Setting up the store for the spring sale today. Thats always a busy day. And busy week to come.
Hope I can find some riding time.....


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