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Tuesday, September 18, 2012



I'll wind down this race thing but first a few thoughts. The wind was cold this morn on the beach. Fall is approaching quickly. I say bring it. Park is pretty much deserted now in the morn. Its mine again. I just need to pack a jacket in my car from now on.... And again Im pretty impressed on how good the camera is on my Galaxy.
 As of today I have yet to even look at a bike since Saturday. But hope to get in a quick ride later today. Just a easy spin on the cross bike. On my way back from the HP this morn I was thinking...

How many of you do this.....
So I did the race Saturday. Finished up and at that time was a bit disappointed. And sick. And sick for a dumb reason. Looking at my data, I had my highest heart rate on the final climb at Telemark. People cheering you as you climb. Laying everything out there. But there was no one behind me or in front of me. So why did I almost make myself barf 50 yards from the end of a 40 mile race?
I dont know.

How many of you do this........
Race a pretty epic race. A very hard race. The last 30% of the race I was pretty disorientated putting in some hard efforts. Finish the race. And your hurting so bad you swear under your breath you will never do this again. With my bold move at the end I was thinking, at that point in time, that I was not having fun. Questioned why I was even there. This was a mistake and I want to go home. But those feelings are false. I was having fun at that time. I did have a pretty good race. I just did not realize it until about 30 hours later.

How many of you do this......
Its a long race. A lot of shit happens to you during this race. You pass and get passed by the same people many times. Maybe witness a fall. See someone suffering more than you. See a deer run across the trail. Whatever..  a lot go's down in a short period of time. But your so focused on your task you see but don't notice. Then... after a day or two, all these things you start remembering. One at a time. Sometimes not until two or three days later you remember some rider you were racing at some time and wonder what happened to them. How was that guy who endo'd in the mud hole? Even stupid stuff like when you forgot to unlock your fork on this huge downhill. Even today I am remembering stuff that happened. It just kinda creeps back. I could write 5 posts on shit Im remembering today.

How many of you do this.......
Cant wait to do this again next year.


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