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Thursday, September 13, 2012

View from cabin deck, 11am

Got to the cabin late last so really did not get to see a lot until this morn. Just beautiful country here in Hayward. I love the north woods where everything seems to slow down a bit including the Internet.

Just got back from coffee and am heading out for a road ride on the cross bike. Then, its nap\relax time, some dinner and then a football game. No TV in the cabin so I will have to hit up some local Hayward flavor tonite at some sports bar. Tomorrow I will have a little kayaking (for the first time) planned. The lake here is small and looks easy to do.

I also found out that the owner of the resort here is one of the guys driving a lead out 4-wheeler for the race. How cool is that? (Said with Jens Voight ascent).

Im off to put to start training for the race Saturday, Better late than never.


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