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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another gloomy day. Wind and rain is ending the colored leaves reign in the woods. Now, all the late bloomers that I have been watching have a yellow carpet under them, which is pretty cool in itself.
The thought of riding today is nixed cuz of the mist. Hope things clear up for tomorrow.

I don't know why but I put out another Lance post yesterday. I was bored. Store was slow.

I guess bottom line is that love or hate, everyone needs to learn from this and move on. 

This week I need to order my demos for next year. My Superfly is already ordered with a late January ship date. My Domane is going to be ordered this week. Also with a January delivery. Its going to be pretty much the same. Except for wheels. Im going to rock a 90mm  D3 dish in the rear and a 70 in the front. I pretty much ran 50's this year. I hope I can hold onto it on a windy day. Since I weigh over 250 pounds I should have no problem. It takes a lot of wind to move me. And Im pretty sure it will have some green in it.

Thats about it for bike stuff. I am T- one week from setting up the cross country ski's. And then the store will settle in to full winter mode. Its a slow time between the seasons right now. No biking and no skiing. Really, just have to sit tight and wait for the first snow.

Iceman is just a week and a half away and Im bummed about not going. I have not raced a lot this summer. Not one WORS race. But the two I did were good ones being Ore to Shore and Chequamegon. Iceman would have completed the Midwest triple crown for me. I guess I can consider that a goal f or next year.  And Im a guy with very few goals.

Another dark spot today is the fact that I lost my Oakleys over the weekend. I have done that in the past but I never concede for a few days in case it turns up but this morn I called off the search. I sell the things and they are still expensive to lose. Another thing to order this week.

Getting close to picking a new location. Thats exciting. I'll try to carry that excitement at least till noon today. 


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