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Friday, January 11, 2013


As expected the trails did not survive the meltdown. Back to square one.
Its quite depressing for me especially since I put hours in grooming them. Even the base is gone.

Its rain and 50 degrees today. January 11th in Wisconsin. Im thinking I might just ditch the winter sports thing in the store. or just pull way,way back.
That was not the case a week ago. I pretty much sold out and just ordered a bunch of new stuff. If I waited 2 more days to do that I would not have.

I hate when biz is so dependent on weather. You can be rich one week and poor the next, only to get rich again a week later.
I know what your thinking, and I am here by choice. But that does not stop me from complaining now and then.

Tomorrow I will be on the group ride in the morning, again riding the tour bike to take use of full fenders. Its looking like a full on road ride but I said that last week too.
I guess its back to all bikes for the time. Once again I am looking at 30 day forecasts to see when we might get the snow back. As usual, it does not look good right now.
I did get to use my new ski's twice. 
Have a good weekend.


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